Youth Partnership CountryWide (YPC)

Youth Warned on Web Use

Young people have been challenged to use the social media platforms to explore new opportunities instead of using them to insult others.

The use of Facebook, My-Space, Twitter and the local threads like ‘Jamii-Forums,’  can play a vital role in changing the lives of the youth in Tanzania, but many of these are currently used negatively,” said Mr Israel Ilunde, Executive Director of Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC).

He was addressing over 200 young people on youth opportunities and challenges, at a meeting organized by the Arusha-based Hakikazi Catalyst (HKC), a civil society organization.The training drew nearly 200 youths, small-scale farmers, and local government leaders from Arusha, Manyara, Kilimanjaro and Tanga.

“It is high time for Tanzanian youth to start using these new forms of digital media outlets for own development, education and other positive gains,” he said, adding that through social media, young people can be able to exchange information on business opportunities and markets.

According to the activist, millions of people especially the youth hook into different social media websites.Ms Thabitha Emmanuel, a young lady from Longido district, said: “We want social media, not as a tool for bullying but a tool for the people to express themselves.”

She also stressed the need for the youth to exploit the available business opportunities by establishing their own ventures.“These in turn will enable them create employments for others within their respective areas,” she said, calling on the government to come up with mechanisms that will help Tanzanian youths be able to set-up business projects.

“It is also the time for youths to change their mentality about employment, they should think of creating job opportunities,” said Mr Walther Naftal, an Arusha resident.He said that there were lots of untapped opportunities out there which need to be explored to offer a wide-range of employment opportunities.

Source: Written by MARC NKWAME in Arusha