Youth Partnership CountryWide (YPC)

The NGO forum at Arusha

On 27th –29 November 2012, YPC was among the NGOs that were invited to participate in the East African NGOs Forum at Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC).

The aim of the forum was to discuss, the process of integrating East African people through their civil societies. It was discussed that, though the governments of five countries have integrated,  there is a need for the CSOs in the region to integrate and form a strong organization which will be monitoring and representing ordinary citizens to the executive of the community.

The participant of the meeting were all from member countries which are Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda,  Rwanda and Burundi. In the forum,  Tanzanians CSOs were given chance to exhibit their works, in order for participant to see the works of NGOs in Tanzania. The forum was sponsored by Trade Mark Africa, and The Foundation for Civil Society.