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Enhanced civic education among youth and the community

Tanzania is facing challenges because most of the youth in the country lack enough skills on how to engage in political matters in the country and hence they do not understand why politics and peculiar governance dynamics are happening as they do in the country.

Therefore this lead to the exclusion of youth in the politics. The impact of the challenge can lead to low contribution and participation of youth in the developmental processes. Having the skills on the political affairs can make youth to collaborate in development and at the same time sound alarm bells against poor governance by the government. It is therefore important for the YPC to make sure that there is enhancement of civic education among youth and the community for sustainable development, and that youth are not sidelined from the mainstream development happenings.

Major strategies include;

  • Conduct monthly Civic Awareness Talks ( CATs)
  • Organize Civic education training workshops
  • Training youth in leadership, advocacy and presentation skills
  • Organizing debates, arts and essay competition
  • Produce Information, Education and Communication materials ( I.E.C )